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Sql Server Reports Viewer makes it easier to render Sql Server Reports without the need to setup a SSRS Server. This makes deployments a breeze. We are utilizing most of Microsoft's tooling, but automating the assigning of data to the report.

  • Update 8/19/2010 *

Because of the need I have for a few clients, my next step is going to be writing the ASP.Net version of this viewer. If there is any interest in working on it with me, please feel free to sign-up and drop me a line. The hope is to have something in a "working" state by the end of September at the latest. Looking forward to having that written.

I apologize that I don't update this site much, but I don't do much work on this sort of tooling unless I need to add features. I would appreciate it if someone would volunteer time and work with me on improving the tooling so that everyone could benefit. That is all.
  • End of Update *

I started the SSRS Viewer after looking at Microsoft POS 2009. I was surprised to find out that the only way I could render an RDL was to use SSRS, when I needed the ability of rendering the file locally. I tried component tools from various vendors like Telerik, Infragistics, DevExpress, and even embarked on trying to use tools like Crystal Reports, but they all fell short in some area. RDL was lightweight, and offered enough tooling to deliver what my clients needed. I need to stress however, Telerik, Infragistics, DevExpress, and Crystal Reports are all great packages, but they just couldn't fill my needs.

I've used other works from sites like CodePlex and SourceForge, that I thought it was time I contribute something back to the community.

My one word of warning is to anyone that goes to use it right now, please be aware that although it's worked for me to this point, I'm the one that developed it... you may find it hard to implement at first. If you do, please take the time to tweak the code to make it work better, and then submit it back to the project. We would all appreciate it greatly.

As far as authoring RDLs, Microsoft has the Express Edition of Business Intelligence Development Studio, which can be used. As of today, the code is tested to work with the '05 version of RDL. My hope is to make it compatible with the '08 version, which I believe had a few extras that it could offer.

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